• ZMDC201 20V Cordless Chainsaw

    ZMDC201 20V Cordless Chainsaw

    ZOMAX newly developed 20V cordless tools, Compact and exquisite design,while meeting with the ergonomic features. 0.98kg light weight, Toolless adjustment, Rubber grip handle for a good operation feeling. 20V peak power configuration,9m/s high speed chain, 600W running power, 7000rpm max.speed to guarantee smoothly working,let you enjoy the extraordinary.

  • ZMDM541  SERIES 58V 21″Cordless  Lawn  Mower

    ZMDM541 SERIES 58V 21″Cordless Lawn Mower

    The Zomax cordless lawn mower ZMDM541 is powered by two 58-volt lithium-ion batteries and high-efficiency brushless motor to tackle with even most demanding mowing tasks. The brushless motor provides uncompromised power and long-lasting performance with reduced noise. This 21-inch lawn mower can easily start and mow by only pushing buttons with less disturbance and noise.With this powerfulawn mower, you can keep good care of your grassland as well as the environment.

  • ZMDP552 58V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

    ZMDP552 58V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

    The Zomax ZMDP552 pole hedge trimmer delivers 58 volts of trimming power and sufficient run time on a single battery charge.Its 20inch laser-cut dual blade makes your trimming job easy and efficient. Its 1.8m pole length can help extend to 3m height reach for trimming tall and wide hedges. Thanks for its ergonomic design and low vibration, ZMDP552 pole trimmer is a comfortable tool for home-use work.

  • ZMDP551 58V Cordless Pole Saw

    ZMDP551 58V Cordless Pole Saw

    The Zomax cordless pole saw is a powerful tool for property maintenance,orchards and tree care operation.Both agile and easy to handle, it is the perfect toolfor those tougher pruning tasks. Its 2.8m length pole can help

    reach up to 4.0m height. Its vibrations and noise are kept to minimum level,ideal for jobs in urban and noise sensitive areas.

  • ZMDH5316 58V  Cordless  Hedge  Trimmer

    ZMDH5316 58V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    The Zomax cordless hedge trimmer ZMDH531 is featured by 58-volt performance and super light weight. With unique design to separate battery and tool, its weight at hand is only 6.6 lbs(3.0kg).Its 25inch laser-cut dual blade contributes to clean cuts through hedges or thick shrubbery.On a single battery charge, it can support 40 minutes run time.ZMDH531 is a wonderful toolfor timming job you can’t miss out.

  • ZMDB522 58V Cordless Leaf Blower

    ZMDB522 58V Cordless Leaf Blower

    The Zomax 58V cordless leaf blower has the power you need to clear youryard and handle with the toughest jobs. It is lightweight, quite but powerful,suitable to use in urban or noise-sensititve areas. Its brushless motor and jet fan design provides power equivalent to many petrol models, as well as reduced vibrations and prolonged motor life.Its turbo button can conveniently offer supreme wind volume.Keep your lawn and yard clear with Zomax cordless blowers.

  • ZMDG513 58V  Cordless  Brush  Cutter

    ZMDG513 58V Cordless Brush Cutter

    Bigger   power,   especially   designed   for   tough   works.   With   Two   speed   constant   control, strong   power   output,able   to   meet   the   requirements   of   different   working   conditions.   ideal   for   different   working   conditions.Much   more   powerful   with   U   handle   structure,    perfect   choice   for   professional   usage.   Split   packaging   design,easier   for   storage.

  • bldc ZMDF512   Engine Optional 6  working heads
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