How to use Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

When we use the mowing head to cut grass, we should ensure that the extension length of the nylon rope of the mowing head is 5-10cm. If it is too long, the service life of the gasoline engine will be affected due to the large load, and the grass guard will be damaged; If it is too short, it will reduce the work efficiency. The nylon rope will become shorter due to wear after being used for a period of time. As long as we touch the straw head gently to the ground, the nylon rope will automatically stretch out. If the length is not enough, we can repeatedly touch it several times until the length of the nylon rope is 5-10cm. After the nylon rope is used up, the straw head can be disassembled, and the new nylon rope can be wound on the rope pulley and installed back.

When we use theblade to cut grass, do not extend the entire blade into the grass. For general lawns, extend the blade into 1/2 of the blade diameter. For grass with hard grass stems, extend the blade into 1/3 of the blade diameter. When cutting shrubs with blades, generally shrubs shall be cut along the periphery of the shrubs in the same horizontal plane. When cutting thicker shrubs, a cut shall be cut from the direction of the shrubs falling, with the depth of the cut being about 1/3 of the diameter of the shrubs, and then the shrubs shall be cut from the other side of the shrubs. This cutting not only ensures that the blade will not be clamped during the cutting process, but also controls the direction of the bush falling.

Post time: 26-09-22
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