Usage and precautions of ZOMAX 52cc two-stroke gas chain saw ZM5280

Before the  pneumatic chain saw is used, grind the saw teeth:


(1) The sawtooth must be kept sharp, so that the saw chain always remains in the state during the cutting operation.


(2) When filing the teeth, it is necessary to smoothly push the file in one direction. When pushing back the file, do not touch the blade. Don’t stumble back and forth.


(3) When the teeth are filed two or three times, the tooth rake also needs to be slightly lower. The tooth rake measures the depth of the blade. When the height of the tooth cutter is reduced, the cutting cannot be made. The method to make up is to first file the top of the tooth rake so that it is about 0.5mm lower than the tooth tip. Pay attention not to file the tooth rake too much, otherwise the tooth cutter will cut too deep at one time, causing the chain saw to get stuck during cutting.

Post time: 05-02-23
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