Zomax 2 Stroke Engine 39cc Chainsaw Mill With 14 Inch Bar Precautions for safe operation

1. Please check whether the chain saw is in the correct working condition and whether its working conditions meet the safety rules:

a. Whether the chain brake works normally;

b. Whether the guide plate is installed correctly and fixed firmly;

c. Whether the chain is kept sharp and whether the chain tension is appropriate;

d. Check whether the power cord and power plug are damaged.


2. When using the extension wire, it is necessary to use the wire that meets the rated parameters, and the connection is safe and reliable.


3. Do not operate the electric chain saw in flammable and explosive gas accessories, because the motor will produce electric sparks during the operation of the electric saw.


4. When turning on the power switch and using it, hold the electric chain saw tightly with both hands. Hold the rear handle with your right hand and the front handle with your left hand. Keep your thumb firmly on the handle.


5. Please clear the sand, nails and other foreign matters in the cutting area, which may cause serious wear of the guide plate and chain, and may lead to dangerous rebound.


6. Cut the wood piece by piece, and avoid using the electric saw to cut thin branches and thin roots, because this may entangle the electric saw and make it lose its balance.


7. Special care should be taken when working on sloping ground, as rolling trunks may cause danger.


8. If walking during the operation of the electric saw, please hold the front handle, do not put your finger on the switch, and activate the chain brake to prevent the chain from being accidentally touched.


9. Please unplug the power plug when resting.

Post time: 07-11-22
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